Stalled federal funding for schools an 'emergency item,' says San Antonio lawmaker

April 9, 2021

Ina Minjarez represents the west and northwest sides of San Antonio in the Texas House of Representatives.

She sits on the appropriations committee and is the vice chair of the federal relief funds sub-committee.

She says some states have already been sending money directly to school districts.

“For some reason leadership has requested clarity and we are waiting for answers,” Minjarez said.

Minjarez isn't sure when Governor Greg Abbott and other state leaders began asking for a closer look at the federal fine print.

“At what point do you stop waiting and start demanding answers,” Minjarez said. “As we keep waiting the clock is ticking, we’re losing these kids. There’s a learning gap there and it’s just growing.”

The current legislative session wraps up at the end of May.

Minjarez says she and her colleagues are willing to be called back for a special session, but that call is left up to the governor.

  • Melanie Cervantes
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