Local schools watching homeless student population creep into the middle class

August 25, 2020

"It's opened a lot of people's eyes,” says State Rep. Ina Minjarez (D - San Antonio).

She wants to fix the digital divide. During the switch to online learning, schools lost touch with students most at risk of homelessness.

"We were not prepared. There wasn't the technology that was needed to give to every student. The superintendents really had to step up,” State Rep. Minjarez says.

"You can buy all the Chromebooks you want. If they can't connect to the internet, they're useless,” Baucum says.

"That's right. And I think that's a discussion we're having,” State Rep. Minjarez says. "I just hope that these telecom companies understand that they need to come to the table and they're very critical in this discussion."


  • Melanie Cervantes
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