Ina Minjarez changes direction with Bexar County judge run

After a grueling two years marked by a pandemic and a winter storm, state Rep. Ina Minjarez said she has become disillusioned with her impact at the Texas Capitol.

“No matter what policies that I think matter — like fixing the grid or health care, things that really matter to this community — I can’t get them done up there,” she said. “We just don’t have the votes to get them done. And when [Republican] leadership decides what’s going to come to the floor, what bills are going to come to the floor, it’s their decision, not mine.”

So when the San Antonio Democrat heard that Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff would not run for a sixth term, her ears perked up.

“I want to come home and I feel this is an opportunity that I can take my skill set and be effective and actually get things done for Bexar County,” Minjarez told the San Antonio Report on Tuesday.

  • Melanie Cervantes
    published this page in NEWS 2021-11-18 01:48:05 -0600