Meet State Rep. Ina Minjarez

In her Know Your Electeds interview, Minjarez talks about co-authoring a bill to protect Texas students from cyberbullying. Working in the legislature, she says, requires being understanding of others. “We’re different all over the state.”

Minjarez has represented Texas’s 124th district since 2015. On her commute she listens to Lizzo.

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Local schools watching homeless student population creep into the middle class

August 25, 2020

"It's opened a lot of people's eyes,” says State Rep. Ina Minjarez (D - San Antonio).

She wants to fix the digital divide. During the switch to online learning, schools lost touch with students most at risk of homelessness.

"We were not prepared. There wasn't the technology that was needed to give to every student. The superintendents really had to step up,” State Rep. Minjarez says.

"You can buy all the Chromebooks you want. If they can't connect to the internet, they're useless,” Baucum says.

"That's right. And I think that's a discussion we're having,” State Rep. Minjarez says. "I just hope that these telecom companies understand that they need to come to the table and they're very critical in this discussion."

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New report reveals 'disjointed & dangerous' Texas child welfare system

July 9, 2020

State Rep. Ina Minjarez (D - San Antonio) wants to speak with monitors to see how they think lawmakers can help make the system better.

“It’s very disheartening,” she describes the more than 300-page report. “And it’s bringing to light deficiencies that I don’t think, as a lawmaker, I would know about.”

She says the most disturbing finding: far too many homes, shelters and centers where children are placed are not living up to their promises.

“I can’t have children keep being placed in these placements and possibly be in danger,” State Rep. Minjarez says.

Three deaths this year are highlighted in the report.

"There’s no accountability. It’s unconscionable to have children in care die,” State Rep. Minjarez says.

In February, a 14-year-old girl collapsed and died inside a residential treatment center. Staff waited 37 minutes to call 911 because they thought they needed permission.

In April, a 3-year-old boy died after being found unconscious with blood coming out of his ear. The report details how hotlines calls sparked two abuse investigations into his foster caregivers but Child Protective Services workers did not remove the boy from the home.

Later in April, a 15-year-old girl hanged herself in the bathroom of an emergency shelter. Because of her mental health history, she was supposed to be monitored at all times. But security video showed it took staff 30 minutes to find her.

“We are fully responsible if something happens to a child in our care. This is a situation that we can’t be silent on. This needs to be a priority,” State Rep. Minjarez says.

The report also found thousands of calls to the state’s abuse hotline go unanswered.

“Is that acceptable?” reporter Emily Baucum asks.

“Not acceptable at all,” State Rep. Minjarez answers. “So we’ve got to figure out what is going on here. Is there a lack of people who are available in the position to answer these calls? Ignoring possible reports of possible neglect and abuse is just unacceptable.”

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San Antonio Express-News Endorses Minjarez in Nov Election

"Minjarez deserves re-election in District 124"



Representative Minjarez Releases List of General Election Endorsements


American Federation of Teachers

Annie’s List

Bexar County Deputies Association

Bexar County Adult Probation Officers Association

Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas

Humane Legislative Network PAC

Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club

San Antonio Fire & Police Pensioners' Association

San Antonio Police Officers Association

San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association

San Antonio Board of Realtors

San Antonio Apartment Association

Stonewall Democrats of SA


Texas Association of Realtors

 Texas Farm Bureau

Texas Humane Legislation Network


Texas Society of Anesthesiologists  

Texas State Employees Union

Texas State Teachers Association

Texas Trial Lawyers Association




Texas Dental Association


I am very thankful to every organization and to their members for recognizing my commitment to the residents of House District 124, Bexar County, and Texas.

Express News Endorses Minjarez in HD 124 primary

Minjarez in HD 124 primary

Updated 10:16 am, Wednesday, February 14, 2018

State Rep. Ina Minjarez had a remarkably successful first full term in the Texas House, earning Texas Monthly’s award as rookie of the year.

It was entirely deserved. For that reason, the Editorial Board recommends Minjarez for the Democratic nomination in House District 124, which is on San Antonio’s West Side.

It is always tough for a freshman representative to make an impact. The freshman term applies though she technically got the seat in the final month of the 2015 session — this, owing to a special election. She then won the subsequent election.


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Representative Minjarez requests a Bi-partisan effort for procedures in sexual assault reporting at the Texas State Capitol



Today, State Representative Ina Minjarez sent an official letter to State Representative Linda Koop and state leadership to formally thank Rep. Koop for leading the efforts to bring public exposure and initiating a process to protect all women, interns, and staffers at the state legislature. Additionally, Representative Minjarez has requested to work alongside Rep. Koop in a bipartisan effort to address this issue.


"The bipartisan effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is the same level of involvement we need to solve this problem,” said Minjarez. “The accusations stem from staffers and interns against members of both parties. So, we have to come together in the same way to add protections and create a safe working environment.”