‘Not afraid to take them on’: Ina Minjarez wants to battle Abbott, Patrick on Bexar County’s turf

“You need to know not just the policy of planned growth, quality of life, transportation [and] taxation,” she said, but “how to work relationships. … I was a Democrat in a Republican majority and able to get things done for San Antonio.”

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‘Absolutely atrocious’: Hundreds of abortion-rights activists protest prospective bans at downtown San Antonio rally

State Rep. Ina Minjarez talks to those attending Saturday’s “Bans Off Our Bodies” rally and march at Main Plaza. Minjarez is a candidate for Bexar County judge.

Hundreds of people congregated in Main Plaza on Saturday morning to protest threats to women’s access to abortions. Even blocks away from the epicenter of the crowd, their chant was audible: “Bans off our bodies! Bans off our bodies!”

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Everything we saw as hundreds took to San Antonio's streets for the Bans Off Our Bodies rally

During her remarks, State Rep. Ina Minjarez thanked local leaders including Mayor Ron Nirenberg and County Judge Nelson Wolff — both of whom spoke at the rally — for standing up for abortion rights. However, she said residents must raise their voices against extremist actions by state and national officials.

"We cannot do that alone," she said. "We need all of you to be vocal, we need all of you to take a stand. You matter. Be loud."

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Texas Democrats Respond to Leaked Supreme Court Opinion Repudiating Roe v. Wade

State Rep. Ina Minjarez (D-San Antonio) released a statement decrying the leaked draft.

“Texas has the highest rate of uninsured people in the country, and some of the worst health outcomes for mothers in the developed world. After the recent 87th Legislative Session, Texas also has among the most restrictive abortion regimes in the entire country,” Minjarez stated.

“If this decision is adopted, survivors of rape or incest will be forced to carry to term. Women with extreme health risks will face the very real prospect of death, regardless of the ultimate viability of her child. Everyday women will have a stark choice between death, a back-alley abortion, or potential felony prosecution for an innocent miscarriage.”

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Both Garcia Hernandez and Minjarez are on the ballot in the May runoff and have the opportunity to make history. Garcia Hernandez would be the first Latina to represent House District 70, a newly redrawn district in Collin County, which itself is transitioning in its ethnic and political makeup. Minjarez would also be the first Latina Bexar County judge.

In a statement, Nathalie Rayes, the president and CEO of Latino Victory Fund lauded the four candidates for their progressive credentials. “We’re proud to support Representative Israel, Representative Minjarez, Judge Hidalgo, and Cassandra because they’re seasoned community leaders who advocate for progressive values critical to moving Texas forward,” said Rayes. 

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The evolution of Texas Rep. Ina Minjarez, candidate for Bexar County judge

One of Minjarez's top priorities is property tax relief, which she says hasn't been meaningfully addressed at the legislature. She's also focused on infrastructure, planning responsible growth and quality-of-life issues such as housing, healthcare, mental health issues and generational poverty. 

She says businesses should play a part in some of those initiatives and bring their perspectives to the table. 

"If your workers are well and your people are well, we thrive economically," Minjarez explains. "If you're not addressing mental health, proper healthcare, food deserts [or] housing, how do you expect people to thrive and contribute to your business?" 

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TOP backs Minjarez in county judge runoff

“TOP works every day to build power for Latino and Black families and Ina Minjarez is the best candidate to bring the change we need in Bexar County, so that everyone in our community can thrive,” said Michelle Tremillo, TOP’s executive director.

“TOP endorsed her because she’s committed to creating a more equitable and transparent county government, increasing access to health care and affordable housing and also working with us to codify misdemeanor bail reform.”

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Go “Inside the Interim” with San Antonio-area lawmakers at our free public event

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Sakai, Minjarez advance to runoff, DeBerry earns GOP nomination for Bexar Co. Judge

"I have got the special skill set that I gained as a member of the legislature," said Minjarez. "I have budget experience. I have been on infrastructure. I have been on cybersecurity. I have worked across the aisle. I was a member of the minority party in a Republican dominated legislature and I was effective and I got things done. So I'm bringing back that skill set to lead Bexar County."

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Field to become the next Bexar County judge narrows

“I’ve dealt with issues that come before the state, that are going to come before the county,” she said. “Like economic development, like infrastructure, transportation, Health and Human Services, health care, and I felt ... this is an opportunity that doesn’t come every day. I decided to take a leap of faith, I felt that I could come home and be more effective here and lead a Bexar County,” Minjarez said.

Minjarez touted her experience as a state lawmaker — specifically, securing more than $1 billion in funding for the area in her role on the State House Appropriations Committee. She told TPR she looks forward to getting her name out to more of Bexar County in the runoff race.

"I think both of us are good Democrats," she told TPR. "At the end of the day, this is going to be about the issues." Minjarez said her priorities include property tax relief and safe neighborhoods in addition to securing federal funds for Bexar County.

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Sakai, Minjarez headed to Democratic runoff for Bexar County judge; DeBerry wins GOP

State Rep. Ina Minjarez, 46, broke quorum during last year’s legislative session in protest of a voting rights bill and has been the most forceful critic in the county judge race of state Republican leaders in handling the pandemic. She has a legislative background dealing with education, transportation, opioid abuse and a strained foster care system. She also has legal experience as an attorney for over 20 years and was a prosecutor in the DA’s office. Her campaign video promotes Minjarez as “the only candidate with a proven record.”

Born and raised in El Paso, Minjarez has endorsements from local state legislators and County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez, who called her “a champion for Bexar County in the Legislature.” Minjarez has said she’ll focus on property tax relief, educational opportunities that break cycles of poverty, and roads, drainage, clinics and hospitals to serve “health care deserts” in a growing urban county.

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Minjarez headed to runoff in Democratic primary for Bexar County judge

Minjarez, 46, worked as an assistant district attorney for Bexar County and eventually opened her own law firm. In 2015 she won a special election to fill House District 124. She won again in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

“We anticipated a runoff, you know, being that I’m not well-known throughout the county — I’m very well known in House District 124,” Minjarez said during her party Tuesday night at Acadiana Cafe. “We’re exactly where we wanted to be tonight.”

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Texas voters will decide whether to lower some property tax bills on May ballot

Other candidates talk about property tax relief. Ina is the only one who delivered, co-sponsoring a bill to provide $60 million in tax relief for Bexar County. Vote for Ina in the March 1 Democratic Primary for County Judge, then vote to approve Ina’s property tax cut on May 7.
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KSAT Q&A: State Rep., Bexar County Judge candidate Ina Minjarez talks upcoming election

As early voting kicks off, the KSAT Q&A team is sitting down with Bexar County Judge candidates this week to discuss why they're running for the position. State Rep. and Bexar County Judge candidate Ina Minjarez joined Tuesday's Q&A to discuss how her experience working in the Texas Legislature would translate to the role of Bexar County Judge if elected.

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Call to action rally in San Antonio calls for end of child abuse

 The basketball court at Al Forge Park was transformed into a stage for an anti-child abuse rally. Organizers, state representatives and law enforcement gathered to say enough is enough.

”These children are not just a statistic -- they matter. They’re our children,” Representative for District 124 Ina Minjarez said.

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