Bexar County Judge candidates tell KSAT why they’re running

State Rep. Ina Minjarez (Democrat)

Why are you running for Bexar County Judge?

I am running for County Judge because I have the experience and qualifications to address our most important priorities – economic growth, traffic and infrastructure, and community health and safety.

We are one of the fastest growing areas of the country – nearly 100 new people move to Bexar County every single day. This provides economic growth opportunities and expands our employee talent pool but it also presents challenges like increased traffic, rising housing costs, and strains on infrastructure, schools, and government services as we grow.

I have worked to address all these issues as a State Representative for the past six years, and I helped secure over $1 billion in state funding, this year alone, to address those and other crucial priorities. And I also co-sponsored a bill to provide over $60 million in property tax relief for Bexar County homeowners, if voters approve the measure next May.

Judge Nelson Wolff has served us well for the last 20 years. The momentum he helped foster and the solid foundation he laid leave Bexar County well prepared for the challenges and opportunities we face. I have a proven record of delivering for Bexar County and that’s exactly the kind of leadership our community needs at this important juncture in our history.

I am running to continue providing effective leadership with real results. It’s what I’ve done as State Representative and what I’ll continue to do as County Judge.

What are the most pressing issues facing the county today?

The most pressing issues facing the county are economic growth, traffic and infrastructure, and community health and safety. We need to prepare and address the explosive growth experienced by Bexar County over the past two decades, all while proactively addressing five key areas to position Bexar County as the driver of Texas’ economic growth:

  • Promoting Affordable Living and Reducing Property Taxes:
    • Audit county expenditures to cut wasteful spending, eliminate duplicative programming, and safeguard taxpayer dollars.
    • Streamline county departments and services to maximize services and minimize costs to Bexar County taxpayers.
  • Facilitating Access to Economic Opportunities:
    • We need meaningful property tax relief for families who call Bexar County home.
    • Generational poverty…lifting people out of poverty. We do that, we thrive economically.
  • Paving Access to Affordable, Quality Health Care:
    • Invest in innovative programs at University Health to reduce reliance on expensive emergency rooms and bring down the cost of health care in Bexar County.
    • Focus on community and mental health initiatives that enable all those who live in Bexar County to contribute to our community to the best of their abilities.
    • Institute preventive healthcare programs that increase wellness, walkability, and well-being to maximize the overall health of those who live in Bexar County before they enter our healthcare system.
  • Improving Public Safety and Access to Justice:
    • Increase Neighborhood Safety.
    • Implement Programs to reduce domestic violence and deter abusers.
    • Innovate and invest in our local foster care system to prevent unnecessary removals and promote family reunification, if possible. •
  • Paving Sustainable Economic Development and Infrastructure:
    • Promote transportation and infrastructure solutions to minimize traffic, easing the way for our county’s growing population, and maximize our flood control and drainage systems.
    • Ensure long-lasting, sustainable growth in suburban areas that aligns with Bexar County’s economic needs and fosters quality of life for those who currently call Bexar County home and those who will move ultimately move here.
    • Build upon Bexar County’s extraordinary broadband network to fuel business creation and job growth for everyone from rural Bexar County to downtown San Antonio.

What are the biggest opportunities for Bexar County over the next four years?

  • Attracting well-paying jobs and fostering educational and vocational opportunities across the board, from trade school to our higher education institutions, to retain Bexar County’s youth and equip them with the skills so they will contribute to our current and future economic prosperity.
  • Fanning the flames of Bexar County’s growing tech industry by leveraging our affordable living, unique culture and position Bexar County as a new destination for the nation’s tech talent.
  • Centering University Hospital as a model for healthcare quality, access, and affordability throughout the county, state, and country.

  • Melanie Cervantes
    published this page in NEWS 2022-01-31 20:26:27 -0600